The Department of Civil Engineering
Published: 2020-07-03  

  The Department of Civil Engineering has a national class reputation for excellence in research, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and laboratories and workshop facilities that are among the best in China. The School provides its students with the finest quality education in Civil Engineering. Four disciplines are covered in the School of Civil Engineering, including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation engineering. The School currently employs thirty-two full-time academic staff including 4 Professors and 15 Associate professors and it has the highest proportion of staff with PhD’s (95%) amongst the top Chinese and overseas universities. Currently the school has over 600 undergraduate students and over 180 graduate students. The School thrives on the quality of its academic and support staff who had won numerous teaching, research and general staff awards, and takes great pride in the quality of the graduates it produces. Greater interaction with industry colleagues in all disciplinary areas has created synergies with the inevitable result of industry-based grants in research and academic award. The School of Civil Engineering is geared to meet not only the future educational challenges for producing topmost graduates in the country, but also to face the dramatically changing industrial trends and environmental changes.

  In the past few years, the Specialized Laboratory Centre of Civil Engineering has been progressing toward an integrated laboratory system, including building material lab, material mechanics lab, soil mechanics lab, building structure lab, static triaxial testing lab, dynamic triaxial testing lab and structure vibration lab. The Specialized Laboratory Centre of Civil Engineering is equipped with large-scale electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel cyclic loading system, MTS YAW4206 universal testing machine, SDT-10 microprocessor controlled electro-hydraulic servo soil cyclic triaxial testing machine, geotechnical stress path triaxial testing machine, WS-Z30 high-accuracy vibrating table, large-scale rock rheometer, SR-6 double pressure chamber soil creep triaxial meter, INV306 multi-channel structure dynamic measurement system and other conventional experimental equipment. These lab equipments are sufficient to meet the demand of high-quality, large-scale, high-strength experiment teaching for undergraduates as well as support the development of discipline master degree in civil engineering. The Specialized Laboratory Centre of Civil Engineering have been undertaking projects from government including National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Subtopics of Major Research Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai natural science foundation, Key projects of science and technology breakthrough plan of Shanghai science and technology commission, as well as consultation projects from industries including performance analysis of extra-long and bulky member in Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), monitoring the performance of historic preservation buildings of Rockbund, performance analysis of special structure in Shanghai International Shipping Center, etc.


  The Department of Civil Engineering has paid great attention to the cooperation between industry, education and research, and has established more than 10 school-enterprise cooperation agreements, among which it has established school-enterprise cooperation agreements with the Eighth Engineering Bureau of China Construction, and established a graduate internship base. In 2014, the Department of Civil Engineering was approved as the Graduate Training Base of Civil Engineering, university of Shanghai for Science and Technology  by Shanghai Academic Level, which provides a composite platform of internship, experiment and practice for the comprehensive training of graduate students. In 2018, the Department of Civil Engineering launched industry-university-research cooperation with Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, Shanghai Survey and Design Institute, Shanghai Tongzhu Information Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Dijiang Construction Co., LTD., Shanghai Libby Consulting Co., LTD., Pudong Information Industry Association and other eight institutions, and inaugurated the  Environmental and Architectural Engineering Industry Institute of University of Shanghai of Science and Technology. Based on the development ofIndustry Institute, the industrial new technology has been into incorporated into the existing curriculum, joint graduate internship and graduation thesis have been carried out. As a result, the graduate students' social practice and employment levels have been improved and co-operative education projects  Civil engineering talents training practice base construction based on BIM technology  and Civil engineering talents training practice base construction in farmland based on BIM technology  have been approved by the ministry of education.

  The Department of Civil Engineering has long been engaged in internationalized engineering education, including flexible employment project, joint research project, mutual-way student exchange, etc. The flexible employment project provides the students in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology an opportunity to attend lectures and seminars held by world famous professional experts, including the chair of the international Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (Prof. Rafig Azzam), the academician of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (Prof. Buddhima Indraratna), etc. The joint projects cover the innovative technologies and cutting- edge theories in environmental geotechnics, including the early warning system for geohazards, Nonlinear analysis of ground improvement with combined vacuum and surcharge preloading. The mutual-way student exchange is supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and DAAD funded project. Nearly 50 students from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology went abroad to study and gain the scientific experience from the RWTH Aachen University, meanwhile more than 40 students from RWTH Aachen University had the internship and exchange experience in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

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