Dr. Zhiguo ZHANG from School of Environment and Architecture Won 2019 Sloan Outstanding Paper Award
Published: 2020-12-16  

Recently, an international academic publication giant Elsevier officially announced the awarding list of 2019 Sloan Outstanding Paper Award. A paper entitled “Geotechnical influence on existing subway tunnel induced by multiline tunneling in Shanghai Soft Soil” written by Dr. Zhiguo ZHANG won the award. The appraisal and examination procedure was rather strict and also set a quota for awards, and every year only 5 papers among worldwide papers submitted for appraisal and selection can stand out because of citation in Scopus Database in relative research areas over the past 5 years. They are selected by the panel of the judges composed of SCI editors-in-chief and then submitted to different departments of Elsevier. For example, Dr. Zhang’s paper should be appraised and passed by Ocean& Geotechnical Engineering Department and then won the award.
Taking into account the fact that the shield tunneling construction of subway often overlaps and crosses existing structures inevitably, especially the tunnels crossing with overlapping up and down, there are significant construction risks which constitutes a great potential safety hazard for the safe operation of existing tunnels. Combined with the specific practice of Shanghai tunneling project, the paper adopts the simplified theoretical method, the three-dimensional finite element numerical simulation method, and field monitoring method, the deformation law of EPB shield machine crossing subway tunnel in soft soil urban area is obtained, and the setting rules of shield construction parameters and safety crossing control measures are proposed. The results of this paper have important theoretical guiding significance and practical reference for the risk control of urban subway tunnel construction and the revision of safety code for shield overlapping crossing construction. The research is funded by national natural science foundation, State key laboratory for Geo-mechanics and Deep Underground Engineering and Key Laboratory of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering of the Ministry of Education, led by University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and supported by some other universities such as Tongji University, China University of Mining and Technology.
As a top journal in the field of Geo-technics Engineering, Computers and Geo-technics belongs to a journal in Area Ⅰ of Journal Citation Reports(JCR). Originally known as Outstanding Paper Awards, the award was renamed after Scott Sloan to mourn and commemorate the deceased co-editor of Computers and Geo-technics for his outstanding achievements in the field of Geotechnical Science and Computational Geo-technics.

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