School of environment and architecture cooperates with Zhejiang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. to explore the construction of "Industrial College version 2.0"
Published: 2021-12-14  

Since its establishment at the end of 2018, the Institute of Environmental and Building Engineering has made practical achievements in supporting the construction of environmental and civil engineering majors, talent training, scientific research awards and alumni donations. At present, it is mature enough for further expansion and upgrading. In order to actively explore the Industrial College Version 2.0, Professor Huang Yuandong, Dean of the school of environment and architecture, led the team to Zhejiang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. on 30th of October.

Sun Haixiang, chairman and president of Zhejiang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhang Fan, senior vice president and general manager of engineering business center, and the company's operation and technical executives warmly welcomed Dean Huang Yuandong and the team. Chairman Sun Haixiang introduced the development process and current situation of the enterprise in all aspects. Vice president Zhang Fan comprehensively explained the current situation and problems of their main businesses including wastewater treatment, industrial waste gas treatment and solid waste treatment. Dean Huang Yuandong introduced the history, professional construction, teaching staff and talent training of the school of environment and architecture, and put forward the idea of promoting bilateral cooperation according to the requirements of the guide for the construction of Modern Industrial College (Trial). Vice President Peng bin, Associate Professor Zhou Haidong and Dr. Fan Junjie briefly introduced the scientific research status of the college in the disciplines of air pollution control, sewage treatment and solid waste treatment. The two sides reached a consensus on uni-enterprise cooperation. They also fully integrated enterprise engineering practice and university technology development advantages by planning the work contents of professional teacher technical training, lectures by industrial experts, uni-enterprise senor technical cooperation and uni-enterprise joint training of students, so as to prepare to cooperate to build a new model which integrates technological innovation, R & D and talent training. In the meeting, they also determined the timetable and method for the company's leaders, human resources managers and technical managers to re-visit the school of environment and architecture.

This visit is another important step for the school to upgrade and develop the industrial college. It has played a positive role in exploring the cooperation between the school and modern high-tech enterprises and establishing a new integration mode of industry, learning and research.

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