HVAC Discipline of the School of Environmental and Architecture of USST Emerged in the 22nd China Ventilation Conference
Published: 2021-12-15  

During October 21-22, 2021, the faculty members of the HVAC discipline of the School of Environmental and Architecture in our university actively participated in the 22nd China Ventilation Conference 2021 held by the HVAC Branch of the Architectural Society of China. China Ventilation Conference has a long history and wide impact on China's HVAC industry, held every two years. More than 2,500 experts, scholars, graduate students, and representatives of enterprises from domestic universities, design and research institutes in the field of ventilation attended this conference online. Prof. Xianting Li of Tsinghua University, the Chair of the Ventilation Committee, gave a report on the research hotspots in the ventilation area.

In this conference, Prof. Lihui Wang of the HVAC discipline in our university gave a keynote report on Ventilation and Thermal Comfort, Thermal Environment session of the conference, and introduced their latest work on the thermal environment of subway with the title of Research on operating temperature and energy-saving potential of subway stations based on thermal comfort requirements in transition areas in high-temperature days. Prof. Wang also served as the session moderator for Session 5 Ventilation Simulation, Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques and gave a session summary at the closing ceremony.

In the Ventilation and Health section, Xin Wang, Haidong Wang and Qianru Zhang, who are also the faculty members also gave oral presentations on Calculation Method of Emission Efficiency Based on Pollution Gas Release Characteristics, Quantification Study of COVID-19 Transmission through All-Air Conditioning System, Study of Quasi-Periodic State Characteristics of Nozzle Jet Airflow in Large Space Building, Study of Non-Uniform Temperature Field Creation Method Based on Eigen-Orthogonal Decomposition and Numerical Investigation on Operation Strategy of Induced Fan in Underground Garage. At the same time, the paper submitted by Ms. Qianru Zhang's was greatly approved by the expert group and won the first place of excellent paper in this conference.

The presentations of the teachers of our university in the 22nd China Ventilation Conference have greatly enhanced the academic influence of the HVAC discipline in the ventilation area. Furthermore, the active and in-depth communications in this conference highlighted the features and connotations with green, efficient and low-carbon of the HVAC discipline of USST in meeting the needs of the industry and serving the local economy with the dual-carbon goal.



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