Research Overview

Faculty of the college have made gratifying achievements in undertaking research projects, fundings, papers, monographs, patents, awards and academic exchanges. In 2013-2017, college teachers have successfully applied for 103 government-sponsored research projects, among which, there are 35 national natural science foundation projects, 2 international cooperation and exchange projects, 4 national key R&D projects, 9 Shanghai natural science foundation projects, 1 project supported by Shanghai dawn program, 3 Shanghai pujiang talent plans, 5 Shanghai yangfan projects. Meanwhile, the total research funding of the college reached more than 45 million yuan, including more than 25 million yuan in longitudinal research funding. Among them, in 2017, the research funding reached more than 11 million yuan, and the vertical research funds reached 6.8 million yuan. The per capita research funding of full-time teachers was about 140,000 yuan.

The number of high-level papers published by college teachers has increased in consecutive years. In 2017, 67 papers were retrieved by SCI (including 10 papers in the top level and 21 papers in the secondary level). In 2017, 3 highly cited papers in ESI database were added in our college.

The number of patents for inventions and utility models authorized by the college teachers has also increased significantly. There have been about 150 patents granted in the past five years, including 20 patents granted in 2017. Beside, our faculty members had won the third prize of the "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award" in 2017.

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