International Experimental Centers

Under the support of the central government's financial support for the development of local colleges and universities (the construction fund of 2 million yuan), the college has been working on the construction of Sino-German environmental joint laboratory, which is progressing smoothly. In 2017, the Institute of Water and Solid Waste Management of the RWTH Aachen University of Technology donated advanced testing equipment to this lab (the relevant procedures are on-going); our college had completed the construction and acceptance of the “Key Laboratory of Coal and Gas Efficient Combustion and Ultra-low Emission Control of Mechanical Industry”with excellent results and the lab was awarded the license; our college had completed the construction of Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering laboratory construction project (the construction fund of 1 million yuan).

In response to the needs of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the college actively carried out the preparatory work for the Sino-German environmental joint laboratory(Project No. 56-16-307-201), which has been successively cooperating with theUlysse Research Center in Germany and the Munich Industry, the
RWTH Aachen University of Technology, the German Water Technology Center (TZW) and other technical cooperation have continuously improved the level of scientific research and application, and have achieved the following results, in September 2017, our college, along with the Research Institute of Water and Solid Waste of Aachen University of Technology and Suzhou Qingyuan Huayan Water Co., Ltd.completed the formal agreement on the Sino-German Deep Decontamination of Sewage Nutrient Technology Cooperation signature; also, the Institute and the Ulysse Research Center in Germany and the Institute of Water and Solid Waste Management of the Aachen University of Technology have gradually established good cooperative relations and achieved fruitful results.

In the meantime, our college has been actively preparing for the “Sino-German Environmental and Civil Engineering R&D Center”, “China-Korea Environmental Science and Engineering Research Center” and “Sino-German Environmental Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Research Center”.

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