Faculty Members
Published: 2019-10-30  
Faculty Members
 stands for Master student   Tutor;
★★stands for PhD   Supervisor and  Master student Tutor
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
NameTitleResearch Area
Lifeng CuiProfessor ★★
Yuandong HuangProfessor ★★
Daofang ZhangProfessor ★★     • Wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse technology
     • Water environment engineering
     • Indoor and outdoor air pollution control technology;
     • Waste recycling technology
Hong TaoProfessor ★★     • Sludge treatment and disposal
     • Fabrication of functional materials for use in environmental   protection
     • Wastewater advanced treatment technologies
Cong LiProfessor
Hongbo LiuProfessor      • Study on the theory and technology for municipal wastewater treatment and   reuse
     • Technology for the construction of eco-friendly toilet New toilet waste   treatment and recycling
     • Pollutants removal and resource recovery of novel toilet
     • Study on the technology for drinking water safety
Xuenong YiAssociate Professor
Shaowei GuoAssociate Professor
Xiaoyan YangAssociate Professor
Baoqing DengAssociate Professor      • CFD simulation of multiphase reactor
     • Indoor air quality
Zhen ZhengAssociate Professor
Yong ZhanAssociate Professor
Guixia JiAssociate Professor      • Water pollution control
     • Rainwater resource utilization
     • Environment engineering
Weifang ChenAssociate Professor      • Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse technologies
     • Wastewater advanced treatment technologies
     • Sludge treatment and disposal
Haidong ZhouAssociate Professor      • Wastewater treatment and reclamation
     • Monitoring of water quality
     • Anaerobic digestion of solid wastes
     • Water environmental restoration
     • Design and debugging of wastewater treatment processes
     • Membrane separation technology and its application
Fei ChangAssociate Professor      • Semiconductor photocatalysis
     • Fabrication of functional materials for use in environmental   protection
     • Organic transformations under mild condictions
Liang LiAssociate Professor      • Catalytic ozonation
     • Electrolytic oxidation/reduction
     • Biochar: preparation, characterization and adsorption capacity
Suyun XuAssociate Professor
Beijia HuangAssociate Professor      • Environmental assessment and management
     • Life cycle assessment
     • Circular economy
     • Regional sustainable development plan
Xiaodong ZhangAssociate Professor      • Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse technologies
     • Wastewater advanced treatment technologies
     • Sludge treatment and disposal
Ning LiuAssociate Professor      • Design and synthesis of novel functional materials
     • photocatalysis of organic pollutants, heavy metals and for reduction of   CO2
Yiqiong YangAssociate Professor      • Theory and Technology of Water Treatment
     • Drinking Water Safety Guarantee Technology
     • Environmental Engineering Functional Materials
Huancong ShiAssociate Professor
Lin GuAssociate Professor
Guan WangAssociate Professor      • Environmental magnetism
     • Particulate pollution in urban
Yin WangAssociate Professor      • Water Pollution Control Engineering
     • Remediation of heavy metal contamination in soil
     • Environmental functional materials
Yuqiong GaoAssociate Professor      • Advanced oxidation technologies for water and wastewater treatment
     • Remediation of micro-polluted source water
     • Industrial wastewater treatment
Yuanxing HuangAssociate Professor
Jian ZhangAssociate Professor
     (by department)
     • Pollutant control of NOx and Sox
     • Ash formation and mineral migration during combustion and   gasification
     • High-efficient and clean combustion technologies
     • Oxyfuel combustion technology to capture CO2
Zhihua XuAssociate Professor
     (by department)
     • Resource utilization technology of solid waste
     • Environment functional material
     • High concentration of toxic organic wastewater treatment
Feipeng LiAssociate Professor
     (by department)

Haiying XieLecturer     • Numerical simulation of environmental fluid mechanics
     • Evaluation of indoor air quality
Haifeng WenLecturer
Juan LyuLecturer      • PPCPs treatment
     • Controls of DBPs
     • Development of advanced oxidation technology
Rongchun LuLab Experimentalist     • Pollutant analysis
     • Instrumental analysis
Junjie FanLecturer      • Pollution control of coal combustion
     • Study on the migration characteristics of alkali metals
     • Large scale entrained flow gasification technology
Yun LiLecturer      • Physical and hybrid absorbents for CO2 capture
     • Process simulations for CO2 capture
Lingchen MaoLecturer
Shifei KangLecturer    • Green Chemistry / Environmental Catalysis
   • Microorganisms and Biomaterials
   • Interdisciplinary Nanoscience
Pengyi CuiLecturer
Fan YangLecturer     • Biochar-based C sequestration and its eco-environmental effect
     • Development of functional materials for application in environmental   remediation
Lina GanLecturer     • Air Pollution Chemistry and Control Technology
     • Environmental Catalysis and Adsorbent Materials
Qinlin YangAssitant Lab Experimentalist     • Development and application of environmental functional materials
     • Pollutant detection
Yaru LiAssitant Lab Experimentalist
Department of  Civil   Engineering
Name TitleResearch Area
Youliang ChenProfessor ★★     • Rock mechanics
     • Concrete structure
Qizhen ZhengProfessor      • Reliability Evaluation and Computing Theory of Structure Design
     • Inspection and Reinforcement of Building Structure
Tao YangProfessor      • Technology of soft ground treatment and theory of composite ground
     • Transportation and energy geotechnical engineering
Weidong LiuResearch Professor      • Ecological energy-saving building materials
     • Structure detection, identification and reinforcement
     • New inorganic nonmetallic materials
Bin PengHujiang Scholar      • Numerical simulation in structural engineering
     • Concrete structures and masonry structures
Jianshe XuSenior Engineer      • Steel structural design and analysis
     • Prestressed concrete structure design and analysis
     • Space structure
     • Structural simulation
Li ShaoAssociate Professor      • Environmental Geotechnics
     • Improvement of soft soil
     • Dynamic Characteristic of soil
Jili QuAssociate Professor
     • Prediction and analysis of subsidence of underground engineering Optimal   design and retrofit of buildings
     • Civil, Geotechnical and Soft Soil Foundations
Kui ZhouAssociate Professor      • Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Identifications
     • Seismic Analysis of Engineering Structures
     • Nonlinear Mechanic Analysis of Structures
Zhiyun ZhouAssociate Professor      • Utilization of Recycled Concrete
     • Frost damage prediction
Zhiguo ZhangAssociate Professor      • Tunnel engineering
     • Deep excavations
     • Soil-structure interaction
     • Numerical and analytical modelling of geotechnical engineering
Bin ZhenAssociate Professor      • Dynamic analysis for structures
     • Calculation of nonlinear dynamics for structures
Lili KanAssociate Professor      • Advanced civil engineering materials
     • Solid waste treatment and resource utilization
Pingping RaoAssociate Professor      • Evaluation of slope stability
     • Deep foundation pit engineering
     • Application of BIM in underground engineering
     • Intelligent campus management based on BIM
Xiujun LiAssociate Professor      • Asphalt Pavement Material
     • Pavement Recycling Technology
Qing RenAssociate Professor
Juhui ZhangAssociate Professor      • Bridge Seismic Design
     • Concrete Durability Analysis (Chloride-induced Steel Corrosion)
     • Accelerated Bridge Construction
Jing NiAssociate Professor      • Soft soil foundation improvement with PVD
     • Long-term performances of soft soils under traffic loads
Lijun OuyangAssociate Professor
Jun LiuAssociate Professor
     (by department)
     • Parametric Modeling
     • Space Structure
     • Construction Analysis and Control of Complex Structures
Xin WangLecturer     • Geotechnical engineering
     • Structural inspection and reinforcement
Huiping LiLecturer     • Shield Control
     • Numerical analysis of geotechnical engineering
Gang ChenLab Experimentalist
Ning LiLecturer      • Slope stability analysis
     • Stability analysis of tunnel
Yan HongLecturer     • Urban renewal
     • Resident participation in urban renewal
     • Energy self-sufficient modular housing
Tao LiLecturer
Jiahui ZhangLecturer      • Cold-formed steel structures
     • Structural stability
     • Fire resistance of steel structures
Chao CaoLab Experimentalist
Chang SunLecturer      • Recycled Aggregate Concrete
     • Microstructure and mechanical properties of cement-based materials
Bing SunLecturer
Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering
NameTitleResearch Area
Chen HuangProfessor ★★     • Building environment and ventilation
     • Indoor environment and children’s health
     • Air purification
Jianbo ChenProfessor
Wenbing WengSenior Research Fellow
Lihui WangProfessor
Jing LyuAssociate Professor
Guoqing YuAssociate Professor      • Solar thermal utilization and green building
     • Energy Conservation related to HVAC
Xin WangAssociate Professor
Haidong WangAssociate Professor      • CFD simulation techniques for indoor airflow
     • Green and sustainable buildings
     • Stratified air distribution system
Minglu QuAssociate Professor      • Heat pumps
     • Thermal energy storage
     • Radiation air-conditioning system
Chanjuan SunAssociate Professor      • Building environment and human health
     • Human comfort and work productivity
     • Indoor air quality improvement
Zhijun ZouLecturer
Shuanghua CaoLecturer
Fei WangLab Experimentalist
Hao LiLab Experimentalist
Zhao LiLecturer      • Operational characteristics of direct expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C)   systems
     • Indoor environment and intelligent control of indoor air temperature and   humidity
     • Air cleaning technology
Hongzhi LiuLecturer     • Thermochemical heat storage materials with low regeneration   temperatures
     • Optimal design of ground source heat pump systems
Chunxiao SuLecturer      • Indoor Air quality
     • Bioaerosol and health
     • Optimal design and retrofit of buildings
Yilin LiLecturer     • Building integrated PV/PCM systems
     • Natural ventilation in buildings
     • Intelligent control of building devices

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